Apex Music Library License Form

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License type*:  
Clearance type*:
Production for Sale – less than 15,000 copies
Non-Broadcast Corporate
Theatrical Additional Info
Computer Software
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Any one major urban market like N.Y., L.A., San Francisco - also applies to spots or promos that air in more than one but less than five states.
A spot or promo that will be distributed within one state only and in no major market.
Theater release only.
Commercial promoting a theatrical release.
Interactive (non-linear) productions, such as CD-ROM
"Corporate, Educational, Governmental, etc.", which is not for broadcast, sale or public showing where a fee is charged.
Audio CD or DVD discs to be sold – up to 15,000 copies.
Any Local/Regional/Network Program, On-Line Productions, All Broadcast Rights, All Non-Theatrical Rights.
Any Local/Regional/Network Commercials, Infomercials or Public Service Announcements.
Trailers, films, festivals.
if licensing more than 1 spot, list times. Ex. :30, :120